Value-Added Services

Value-Added Services

At Champagne Metals, we go the extra mile to support customer success with a commitment to service and quality.

Dependable On-Time Deliveries

The Champagne Metals team knows transportation interruptions can directly impact production schedules. We maintain our own fleet of trucks to provide reliable, on-time deliveries. As a result, you can maximize production with the confidence that the material you need will be there.

Hedging and Metal Price Risk Management

Our team incorporates customized options to manage your metal risk through hedging strategies. Our hedge desk will provide you with the insight you need to manage your metal price risk.

champagne metals employees in the aluminum service center

Just-In-Time Inventory and Delivery Programs

Modern business prioritizes efficiency, and Champagne Metals helps you reach that goal with just-in-time inventory management programs. Our teams work with your production schedules and budget to provide a supply flow that optimizes your facility’s uptime.

We understand that our customers must find innovative ways to cut costs to remain competitive. This is why we offer the following programs, which are customized to your needs.

  • Just-In-Time (JIT)
  • Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI)

Freight Management

Champagne Metals’ fleet of trucks is available for deliveries Monday through Friday. Operating our own fleet of trucks allows for complete control of your product through the delivery process.

Warehousing Services

Champagne Metals offers unique options to our customers for both their aluminum and non-aluminum components critical to their business. Customized storage and delivery of key components keeps our customers lean creating more space to focus on their core business.

Edge Trimming

Champagne Metals can Edge Trim an incoming aluminum coil during the Cut-to-Length or Coil Breakdown processes.  Champagne metals has the ability to take up to 8” of trim per side for a total of 16”.  This process is often used to finish coils, create new products from obsolete inventory, or remove edge defects from coils.


Champagne Metals can Multi-blank and incoming coil to create multiple sheets (blanks) from a single width coil.  This process uses a slitting head to create several sheets of the same length to different widths simultaneously.

Coil Finishing

Champagne metals offers Coil finishing, where we take an unfinished Hot mill grade coil to a finished usable sheet/coil.  This could include but is not limited to edge trimming, leveling, cleaning, and coil breakdown.


Champagne Metals offers Crimping, which is the process of sending a smooth sheet through a grooved or corrugated roll and roll form the strip.  This process produces a sheet with a corrugated appearance and is most often used in light gauge painted product used in  the pleasure boat industry.


Champagne Metals has the ability to Stencil. Stenciling is the ability to print alpha-numeric text continuously onto the surface of the metal.  It is frequently used to add material lot numbers or order specifications to each individual sheet.


man driving a forklift inside an aluminum service center

Specialty Packaging

Champagne has the ability to provide custom packaging requirements based on customer needs.  Case-by-case conversations may be required to ensure all customer specifications can be met.

Protective Film/Paper Interleave Application

All of Champagne Metals equipment has the ability to apply either a protective film or paper to finished sheets or coils for additional material protection.  We carry a variety of product types and sizes and can custom order products to meet specific customer requests.


Champagne can cut (shear) larger aluminum sheet into smaller custom sizes blanks per customer specifications.

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All three of our family-operated ISO 9001:2015-certified locations offer solutions that directly add value to your bottom line.

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