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Champagne Metals is one of America’s leading aluminum plate distributors, with multiple U.S.-based branches to serve North American customers. We provide a range of aluminum plate grades and sizes to meet many project demands.


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Common Applications of Aluminum Plate Grades

Each grade has its advantages and typical applications. These include:

This aluminum plate grade provides fair formability and weldability. Professionals often choose this grade for applications like rail cars and storage tanks.

This product offers high weldability and fair machinability. Typical uses for 5454 include welded structures and pressure vessels.

About Aluminum Plate

Aluminum plate offers high degrees of corrosion resistance and durability. Though it’s lightweight, it boasts an impressive strength-to-weight ratio. That makes it ideal for numerous applications, from structures to spacecraft and airplanes.

Aluminum Plate FAQs

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Aluminum plate is a layer of aluminum that’s undergone high-pressure rolling to flatten and smooth it. Plate typically measures 0.25 inches thick or more and comes in various grades and finishes.

Though these grades are the most common, several key distinctions exist between them.

Both offer high corrosion resistance, with the 6061-grade aluminum having a slight edge. A 5052-grade aluminum plate has outstanding weldability and a smooth surface but isn’t heat-treatable. Conversely, the 6061-grade plate boasts exceptional machinability and is heat-treatable but has a somewhat rougher surface.

These two grades have a lot in common at first glance. Both offer fair machinability, solid weldability and high corrosion resistance. The primary differences are that 5454 is about 20% stronger, but 5052 tends to be more versatile.

The main difference between 5454 and 6061 lies in heat treatability. The latter supports it, while the former doesn’t.

The 6061 has less tensile strength and hardness, which promotes better machinability. The 7075 plate is technically stronger, making it an ideal choice for transportation, aerospace and marine industries.

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Champagne Metals offers a one-source solution for aluminum processing. Our additional high-quality products and services include:

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