3105 Painted Aluminum Sheet

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3105 Aluminum Sheet

In simple terms, 3105 painted aluminum sheet is approximately 98% pure aluminum. Manufacturers add certain alloys to improve the material’s strength while preserving desirable traits, like a lighter weight and corrosion resistance. These additions make 3105 a more suitable choice for certain applications.

More Information About 3105 Painted Aluminum Sheet

Conducting more detailed research can help you decide whether Champagne Metals’ 3105 painted aluminum sheet is the right painted aluminum grade for your needs.

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Typical 3105 Painted Aluminum Sheet Standards

Champagne Metals is one of the nations leading painted aluminum sheet manufacturers, providing painted aluminum sheet for businesses across many industries. Our in-stock products are available for just-in-time deliveries throughout North America.

We process 3105-grade painted aluminum sheet to meet industry standards in various tempers, including:

  • O
  • H12
  • H14
  • H22
  • H24
  • H26
  • H28

Dimensions like width, length and thickness vary based on the selected temper — please contact us for options and availability.

More Details About 3105 Painted Sheet Aluminum

The advantages of 3105 painted aluminum sheet include:

  • Superior corrosion resistance
  • Good electrical conductivity
  • Good mechanical properties
  • High formability and plasticity

Disadvantages include:

  • Not heat-treatable except in annealing
  • Poor cutability in a cold-hardening state

Painted Aluminum sheet 3105 is a crucial manufacturing component for many industries, including:

  • Residential gutters and downspouts
  • Mobile home construction and home siding
  • Bottle caps and covers
  • Baffle construction
  • Truck Bed Covers

This material’s machinability is average but tends to increase with harder tempers. Similarly, formability slightly varies between tempers as bend radii changes. Champagne Metals recommends using an oil-based lubricant with 3105 painted aluminum sheet during machining.

Painted 3105 painted aluminum sheet comes in various standard colors to create one-of-a-kind looks. Champagne Metals can also provide a wide range of custom colors to match your company’s branding.

Painted aluminum sheet 3105 does not accept heat treatment except during annealing and cold working.

Chemical Properties of Painted Aluminum Sheet 3105

Generally speaking, painted aluminum sheet 3105 has the following percentages of components in its chemical makeup:

0.60% 0.70% 0.30% 0.30-0.80% 0.20-0.80% 0.20% 0.40% 0.10%

The remainder of the product is aluminum.

Painted Aluminum Sheet 3105 Mechanical Properties

Mechanical properties for 3105 painted aluminum sheet differ slightly based on its temper.

For example, an H12 temper — 1/4 hard — conforms to ASTM Standard B209, which specifies it must have a minimum yield strength of 15 kilopounds per square inch (ksi). Minimum and maximum tensile strength must be 19 ksi and 26 ksi, respectively. The minimum elongation percentages vary between 1% and 3%, based on the material’s thickness.

Conversely, an H14 temper — 1/2 hard — must boast a minimum yield strength of 18 ksi. Tensile strength should be between a minimum of 22 ksi and a maximum of 29 ksi. Depending on the thickness, the material’s minimum elongation percentage should be between 1% and 2% to meet ASTM B209.

Grade Strength Elongation
Temper Ultimate Tensile Strength (min-max) Ultimate Yield Strength (min) % at 50 mm
H12 19-26 ksi 15 ksi 1-3
H14 22-29 ksi 18 ksi 1-2

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are the answers to some of the questions our specialists often field.

Hard anodization works best for stronger aluminum alloys, such as those in the 6000- and 7000-grade range.

Yes, 3105 painted aluminum is commonly used in building and construction applications. It is a non-heat treatable alloy of aluminum that offers good corrosion resistance, formability, and weldability. The alloy is often used for various exterior components such as roofing, siding, gutters, and facades due to its durability and weather resistance. It is also used in the manufacturing of HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning) systems, storage tanks, and general sheet metal work in the construction industry.

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