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Our Aluminum Sheet for Boats

Whether you build pontoon boats or bass boats, Champagne Metals can help with boat-grade aluminum sheet and aluminum coil. Our products come from ISO 9001:2015-certified facilities to ensure precision and quality.


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Champagne Metals has an in-stock inventory of various dimensions and tempers. Please get in touch with a team member for availability.


We offer boat-grade aluminum in the 3000, 5000- and 6000-series alloys, ideal for water environments. These include:

5052 Aluminum Sheet

For high fatigue strength and good bendability. Very wide width capability and stock that can’t be easily found in the market.

5083 Aluminum Sheet

For high strength-to-weight ratios and significant weldability

5454 Aluminum Sheet

For excellent corrosion resistance on crucial boat parts

6061 Aluminum Sheet

For great weldability, machinability and workability

aluminum pontoon boat traveling on a lake

Our Aluminum Coil for Pleasure Watercraft

Our high-quality aluminum coil also comes in popular boat-building alloys, including:

Work With Champagne Metals for Marine-Grade Aluminum

Whether you need aluminum for pontoon boats or skiffs, our family-owned company can provide it. We invest in the equipment and workforce expertise to handle large-scale needs while providing personalized service.

Reach out to us by calling 888-266-1131 or contacting our specialists.

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