6061 Aluminum Sheet

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6061 Aluminum Sheet Metal

When your project calls for exceptional strength and corrosion resistance, consider 6061 aluminum sheet from Champagne Metals. This aluminum sheet alloy is widely found in applications like stairs and ramps. It’s also common in marine fabrication, automotive manufacturing and welded assemblies.

Aluminum alloy 6061 offers high strength and excellent corrosion resistance. Its versatility makes it ideal for numerous projects, especially structural ones. Additionally, it’s a wrought alloy that works well for extrusion and custom shaping.

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Our In-Stock 6061 Aluminum Sheet Metal Standards

We provide several temper options for our high-quality 6061 aluminum sheet, including:

  • O
  • T4
  • T6

Length, width and gauge differ based on the temper you choose. Please connect with a team member to learn more about our other 6061 aluminum sheet for sale.

More Details About 6061 Sheet Aluminum

The benefits of 6061 aluminum sheet over other aluminum alloys include:

  • Strength comparable to lower-grade steel
  • High surface quality suitable for numerous finishing options
  • Good corrosion resistance
  • Anodization potential

Disadvantages include:

  • Lower formability
  • Larger bending radii

Professionals in many industries turn to this material, like:

  • Transportation and aerospace
  • Marine
  • Construction and framing

Some typical applications for 6061 aluminum sheet include:

  • Boilermaking
  • Shipbuilding
  • Railway car construction
  • Bridges and towers
  • Truck bodies

This material offers good workability and machinability.

Alloy 6061 aluminum sheet accepts heat treatment.

6061 aluminum sheet boasts excellent arc weldability with good resistance and solderability. It also accepts gas welding techniques well.

Frequently Asked Questions

Our experts will gladly answer any additional questions you have.

This material offers exceptional strength through tempering. In general, it’s not as strong as a 7075 alloy but sturdier than 5052.

Generally speaking, we solution heat treat 6061 and age it to boost its strength. The T4 temper ages naturally and the T6 artificially.

The 6061 aluminum alloys share the same density as pure aluminum at 0.0975 pounds per cubic inch and 2.7 grams per cubic centimeter.

Chemical Properties of Aluminum Sheet 6061

Aluminum sheet 6061 is an alloy composed of:

0.04-0.35% 0.15-0.40% 0.0-0.70% 0.80-1.20% 0.0-0.15% 0.40-0.80% 0.0-0.25% 0.0-0.25% 0.0-0.15%

The remaining chemical composition is aluminum.

Aluminum Sheet 6061 Mechanical Properties

The 6061 aluminum sheet alloy’s mechanical properties, such as shear strength and tensile strength, depend largely upon its temper.

Grade Brinell Hardness Rockwell Scale Tensile Strength Yield Strength
T4 95 B60 42,000 psi 40,000 psi
T6 95 B60 45,000 psi 39,000 psi

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