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Champagne Metals is a trusted aluminum sheet supplier with locations across North America. Our specialty includes providing aluminum sheets for companies in numerous industries.


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Learn More About Each Aluminum Sheet Grade

Each grade has its advantages and typical applications. These include:


This alloy is often found in food containers, hardware, cabinets and kitchen utensils.


This option is ideal for applications like storage tanks and beverage cans.

3105 Painted

This aluminum sheet provides uses like sign blanks and trailer siding.

This product is ideal for automotive and marine applications.


This alloy offers excellent corrosion resistance for uses like locomotive manufacturing, aircraft fabrication and shipbuilding.


This option withstands marine environments and is typical for boat hulls and gangways.

Our customers use this sheet to manufacture boilers, transportation bodies and pressure vessels.

This product meets the needs of the aerospace, construction and marine industries and is among the most versatile aluminum sheet.

About Aluminum Sheet

Aluminum sheet is durable and lightweight and delivers value to numerous applications. You’ll find it in everyday products, from gutters to automobiles and consumer electronics.

We also offer several dimensions and styles, with options varying based on the desired grade. Our aluminum sheet includes:

  • Gauges between .016 and .375 inches
  • Widths between 3 and 111 inches
  • Mill, painted, tread and roof coil finishing options

Aluminum Sheet FAQs

Our experts are here to answer your most common questions about aluminum sheet.

Aluminum sheet results from hot- or cold-rolled processing that produces a layer measuring between 0.25 and 6 mm thick. Material less than 0.25 mm thick categorizes as aluminum foil, while those exceeding 6 mm are plate.

Various aluminum sheet types exist, like expanded, painted, diamond-plate textured and perforated.

Each sheet grade offers different standard sizes. For example, 4 x 8 aluminum sheet is typical in 1/4-inch and 3/16-inch sizes. Contact a Champagne Metals specialist for guidance on available dimensions based on sheet grade. Need a customized sheet size? Champagne Metals can offer customized aluminum sheet sizes based on your specific requirements.

Choosing the accurate thickness is crucial to your product’s success, but it depends on the application. For example, gutter manufacturers often turn to 0.027-inch or 0.032-inch thick aluminum sheet. Our team members can help you choose the best thickness for your specific needs.

There are several instrumental factors to consider when choosing the best grade for your project, including:

  • Processing. Some grades are more suitable for welding, heat-treating and machining than others.
  • Properties. You’ll need to opt for a grade that can meet your needs for formability or strength if these are crucial to your product.
  • End-use. Certain grades work better for marine environments or food and beverage use.
extruded aluminum channel

Other Aluminum Products We Provide

As one of the premier aluminum sheet distributors, we offer a wide range of aluminum products to serve your needs, including:

We also provide toll-processing services and value-added options, like:

  • Corrective processing
  • Coordination with other vendors for extra processing services
  • Delivery and warehousing
  • Custom packaging

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Champagne Metals is one of the country’s leading aluminum sheet suppliers and aluminum sheet manufacturers, with multiple locations to serve our North American customers. We are a privately-held company focused on quality, service and satisfaction.

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