Class 8 Vehicles and Fuel Tanks

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Our Class 8 and Fuel Tank Aluminum Sheet Options

With processing and stocking locations across North America, Champagne Metals is a dependable partner for aluminum sheet and aluminum coil for fuel tank and class 8 trucks.

We can offer an incredible selection of sheet aluminum, with options such as:

  • 3003 alloy aluminum sheet  for best formability and utility applications
  • 3004 alloy aluminum sheet for a higher recycled content alternative to 5052 alloy aluminum sheet for buses, sidewalls and brackets and other higher strength requirements.
  • Alloy 5083 aluminum, a very tight surface and tolerance sheet used for fuel tank manufacturing.
  • 6061 structural-grade aluminum sheet for fire trucks
  • 5754, 5182, 6016, 6022 and other automotive approved alloys used for light weighting
  • Serrated tread plate for fire trucks
  • Items available in standard mill finish as well as prepainted

We also carry additional grades and tempers — please reach out to ask about our inventory and available dimensions.
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Our Aluminum Coil for Class 8 Trucks & Fuel Tanks

Champagne Metals is a key supplier to the class 8 vehicle market, key alloys of aluminum coil for this market include:

5052 Aluminum Coil

High strength and boasts excellent corrosion resistance, formability and workability

5754 and 5182 Aluminum Coil

Higher strength versions of 5052

6061 Aluminum Coil

Provides outstanding machinability

Buy Class 8 and Fuel Tank Aluminum From Champagne Metals With Confidence

Our products come from facilities that have achieved ISO 9001:2015 quality standards for peace of mind. We craft our materials using precision equipment with a focus on exceeding our customers’ expectations.

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