Pre-Finished Aluminum

Pre-finished Aluminum Color Options

Take a look at our color chart PDF to see all the available color options for our pre-painted aluminum.


Painted Aluminum Color Options

roll of white pre painted aluminum coil

What Is Pre-Finished Aluminum?

From signs and roofing to trailer sheeting and residential siding, pre-painted aluminum is instrumental in creating objects we use and depend on every day. Champagne Metals has the painted aluminum you need to bring the products we know and love to life.

Pre-finished aluminum is metal flattened through a high-pressure process before being painted. Typical gauges for our sheet range between 0.25 and 6 mm thick.

This material provides extensive application flexibility and a customized appearance. Our painted aluminum is the first choice of manufacturers across North America for projects like:

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5 Advantages of Champagne Metals’ Pre-Finished Aluminum

Our pre-painted aluminum offers numerous benefits.

1. It’s Lightweight and Durable

By nature, aluminum is a lightweight material. That makes it ideal for automotive use since it improves fuel economy and maneuverability.

Pre-painted aluminum, like our 3105 alloy option, features a high-quality, abrasion-resistant surface. We use specialized equipment and paint components to protect against UV rays. As a result, our sheet prevents premature fading and chalking for longer-lasting color and sheen.

Our products are also naturally corrosion resistant, so they more effectively withstand weather extremes, temperatures and harsher environments.

a roll of white painted aluminum coil unspooling

2. It Offers Extreme Versatility

Pre-painted aluminum provides excellent versatility. It’s highly workable, formable and flexible. Plus, it offers welding capability with gas and traditional arc approaches.

Champagne Metals offers multiple sheet sizes and various colors to achieve visual impact. Our team can also assist with custom-design solutions for a one-of-a-kind product.

roll of black painted aluminum coil being unspooled

3. It’s Compatible With Our Other Painted Aluminum Products and Services

We offer more than pre-painted aluminum sheet — Champagne Metals is also a leader among painted aluminum coil suppliers. Painted aluminum coil helps manufacturers save time and money. Instead of you devoting floor space and resources to finishing the metal in your plant, your material arrives ready to hit the production line. We can also supply painted aluminum coil stock in various colors to improve aesthetic appeal in trimming projects.

Champagne Metals handles additional processing needs like:

  • Blanking
  • Shearing
  • Sawing
  • Slitting

4. It Meets Exacting Quality Standards

Champagne Metals is an ISO 9001:2015-certified company. Each of our facilities operates according to strict quality guidelines. As part of our processes, we consistently inspect and test for quality control.

This certification also means we are committed to ongoing improvement. We regularly invest in innovation and process efficiency that allow us to exceed our customers’ expectations.

a roll of white painted aluminum coil unspooling

5. It’s Environmentally Friendly

Research has demonstrated that pre-painted aluminum outperforms post-painted metal in eco-friendliness. The various finishing textures and colors, supported by high levels of recyclability, have made it popular in sustainable design.

Additionally, it promotes more efficient fuel and resource use, making it a more environmentally friendly option.

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