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Champagne Metals is one of the most trusted aluminum coil suppliers with locations across North America. Our specialty includes providing aluminum coil for companies throughout numerous industries.

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Common Applications of Aluminum Coil Grades

Each grade has its advantages and typical applications. These include:

3105 Painted

This material boasts excellent weldability, corrosion resistance and formability. You’ll commonly find it in mobile homes, siding and transportation applications.

This product has good workability and resists corrosion. Manufacturers often use it for railings, medical equipment and automotive goods.

This material is an all-around workhorse offering high strength and durability. It commonly appears in bridge structures, boats and many more products.

About Aluminum Coil

Aluminum is a strong, lightweight, and durable material valuable to numerous everyday products. This coil provides quick and easy access to the material in a convenient roll-out style.

Aluminum Coil FAQs

One of the most rewarding parts about being an aluminum expert is answering our customers’ most common questions.

In its simplest terms, aluminum coil is a roll of flattened aluminum alloy. Coil comes in different gauges, grades and colors to meet a broad range of needs. Common applications include everything from home siding to electronics and battery housing.

As a leading aluminum coil distributor, Champagne Metals distributes and processes custom aluminum coil using specialized equipment and high-quality aluminum alloys. Our capabilities include cold-rolled and hot-rolled coil, with various finishing techniques available.

The primary differentiator between aluminum coil and aluminum sheet is that aluminum coil is rolled aluminum which has not yet been cut to length.

Since this material is valuable for structural trimming, coil stock usually comes in a rainbow of hues depending on the desired results. Common colors include blue, white and gray. Additional options are available when you partner with Champagne Metals as your aluminum coil stock supplier.

Numerous factors can guide your decision, including your end product or application, the processes you’ll subject the material to during product creation and critical properties your product needs. A Champagne Metals expert can help you choose the ideal solution.

aluminum coil stock in a warehouse

Other Aluminum Products We Supply

Champagne Metals is a singular solution for all your aluminum processing products and services. In addition to custom aluminum coil, we also offer:

Your Trusted Custom Aluminum Coil Supplier

Champagne Metals is one of the country’s leading aluminum coil suppliers, with multiple locations to serve our North American customers. We are a privately-held company focused on quality, service and satisfaction.

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