5454 Aluminum Sheet

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Aluminum Sheet 5454

The 5454 aluminum alloy is in the wrought family, making it ideal for cold working, rolling and extrusion. It offers moderate strength and a density of 2.69 grams per cubic centimeter or 168 pounds per cubic foot.

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Exploring the benefits and properties of 5454 aluminum sheet can help you identify if it’s the best choice for your business’s application or if you should look into utilizing a different aluminum sheet grade.

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Typical 5454 Aluminum Sheet Standards

We have several tempers of aluminum alloy 5454 in stock and ready to ship, including our best-selling 5454 H111 aluminum sheet. Additional temper options include:

  • O
  • H22
  • H32

Get in touch with us to ask about dimensions and additional temper availability.

More Details About 5454 Sheet Aluminum

The pros of aluminum sheet 5454 include:

  • It has about 61% of the electrical conductivity of copper.
  • It withstands extreme conditions and seawater very well.
  • It’s suitable for structural framing.
  • It’s lightweight.

Cons include:

  • It’s not heat-treatable.
  • It offers low machinability.

Industries using 5454 aluminum sheet metal include:

  • Transportation
  • Chemical processing
  • Marine

This alloy is common for applications such as:

Alloy 5454 has good hot working properties, and cold working is successful in all tempers. Formability is also good, and you can extrude softer tempers. This material has low machinability. Machining works best with the H34 temper and oil-based lubricants.

The 5454 alloy is not a heat-treatable material except in annealing.

Chemical Properties of Aluminum Sheet 5454

5454 aluminum alloy sheet features the following elements and percentages:

0.05-.20% 0.10% 0.40% 2.40-3% 0.50-1% 0.40% 0.20% 0.25% 0.15%

The remaining composition is aluminum.

Aluminum Sheet 5454 Mechanical Properties

Temper primarily determines many of the mechanical properties of 5454 aluminum sheet.

Grade Proof Strength Tensile Strength
O 85 MPa / 12,000 psi 215-275 MPa / 31,000-39,000 psi
H111 85 MPa / 12,000 psi 215-275 MPa / 31,000-39,000 psi
H22 180 MPa / 36,000-44,000 psi 250-305 MPa / 36,000-44,000 psi

Frequently Asked Questions

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Yes, it’s possible to anodize 5454 aluminum sheet.

The alloy is common in transportation for making tanker-truck bodies and wheels.

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