5005 Aluminum Coil

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5005 Aluminum Coil

Along with sheet, 5005 aluminum alloy is also available in coil and is commonly used decoratively and architecturally. It resists aerial corrosion, achieves elevated strength through cold working and has high weldability. It is versatile and used in numerous applications like the automotive and shipbuilding industries.

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Average 5005 Aluminum Coil Temper Standards

Temper relates to an alloy’s treatment to acquire the necessary mechanical properties. Since 5005 aluminum coil is essentially rolled up 5005 aluminum sheet during production, both types have similar tempers. These are some common 5005 aluminum coil tempers:

  • O: The softest alloy grade of hardened aluminum
  • H32: Toughened, stabilized ¼ hard alloy grade
  • H34: Requires low temperature to balance the mechanical properties to reach ½ hard alloy grade

More Information About 5005 Aluminum Coil

Discover more about 5005 aluminum coil and its tempers.


5005 aluminum coil ranges in benefits, including:

  • Superior weldability
  • Superb corrosion resistance
  • Excellent formability and bendability
  • Exceptional performance when adonized


This aluminum type is non-heat-treatable but can be hardened by cold working. It suits low-strength and low-pressure applications because it’s softer with lower tensile strength than its other aluminum counterparts.


5005 aluminum coil is used in numerous industries and projects. Some include:

  • Pipelines
  • Electronics
  • Construction
  • Medical equipment
  • Roofing and siding
  • Chemical equipment
  • Food equipment


Machinability is poorer because of the temper’s grading, which is generally softer than others.


Highly weldable and bendable, 5005 aluminum coil is ideal for MIG and TIG welding.


Heatless treatments are necessary to strengthen the aluminum-magnesium alloy metal.

5005 Aluminum Coil Chemical Properties

The chemical composition of 5005 aluminum coil is 97% to 99.5% pure aluminum, with minimal traces of chromium, copper, iron, manganese, silicon and magnesium.

5005 Aluminum Coil Mechanical Properties

Temper affects the mechanical properties of 5005 aluminum coil, ranging in variation. The coil is measured by proof stress, tensile strength and hardness. The proof stress of 5005 aluminum coil has a minimum megapascal (MPa) rating of 110, offering optimal endurance. Its tensile strength ranges between 145 MPa and 185 MPa, and the Brinell scale places its hardness at 47 HB.

If you’re uncertain which temper and coil size is suitable, our expert team will guide you through our available stock to find what you need.

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