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Painted aluminum coil 3105 comprises 98% aluminum with specific alloys for additional strength. While this alloy cannot be hardened, it is excellent for corrosion resistance, formability and weldability.

More Information About 3105 Aluminum Coil

Learn more about 3105 painted aluminum coil to determine if it is the best aluminum coil option for your application.

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Typical 3105 Painted Aluminum Coil Standards

The 3105 painted aluminum coil alloy is available in the following tempers:

  • O
  • H12
  • H14
  • H16
  • H18
  • H22
  • H24
  • H26
  • H28

The width and length of coil vary based on the temper chosen. Contact our team to receive exact dimension specifications.

More Details About 3105 Aluminum Coil

Our 3105 painted aluminum coil offers these benefits:

  • Corrosion resistance
  • Formability
  • Weldability
  • Conductivity

However, this alloy has some drawbacks — mainly that it cannot be heat treated.

The 3105 aluminum coil is a common alloy used for manufacturing the following products:

  • Mobile homes
  • Residential siding
  • Kitchen utensils
  • Food storage equipment
  • Chemical processing products
  • Liquid product transport tanks
  • Piping
  • Washing machines
  • Cylinders
  • Rivets
  • Heat exchangers
  • Pressure vessels
  • Rain-carrying products

This painted aluminum coil grade can be machined. However, using an oil lubricant during the machining process is recommended.

Painted aluminum coil 3105 cannot be heat treated. However, it can be annealed during cold welding.

Painted aluminum 3105 is an excellent alloy for welding applications.

Chemical Properties of Aluminum Coil 3105 Painted

Generally speaking, aluminum coil 3105 has the following percentages of components in its chemical makeup:

0.60% 0.70% 0.30% 0.30-0.80% 0.30-0.80% 0.20% 0.40% 0.10%


Aluminum Coil 3105 Painted Mechanical Properties

The mechanical properties of aluminum coil 3105 depend on its temper. Elongation at 50 millimeters ranges from 16% to 1%, with the ultimate yield strength increasing as elongation decreases. Speak with one of our experts today to decide which temper is right for your application.

Grade Tensile Strength
O 22,480 psi
H18 31,183 psi

Frequently Asked Questions

The following are the most frequently asked questions about painted aluminum coil:

Yes, 3105 painted aluminum coil can be anodized to protect the alloy from corrosion and increase durability. This metal is generally alloyed with a manganese coating.

The aluminum coil alloy 3105 is commonly used in the automotive production industry for various transportation vehicles. The alloy’s properties make it desirable for this application.

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