5005 Aluminum Sheet

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5005 Aluminum Sheet

Aluminum 5005 primarily contains small volumes of magnesium and manganese in its medium-strength composition, with the number 5005 referring to its alloy composition. It is lightweight and versatile, ideal for applications like the automotive, architecture, signage, packaging, HVAC equipment, construction and transportation industries.

This aluminum type has a smooth surface finish, is corrosion-resistant, has good weldability and is cost-effective in various applications.

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Common 5005 Aluminum Sheet Metal Tempers

Aluminum sheet metal tempers contain letters and numbers that indicate the treatment type the alloy has received to obtain the required mechanical properties. Some common 5005 anodized aluminum sheet tempers include:

  • O: This temper offers hardened aluminum yet the softest alloy grade.
  • H32: At ¼ hard alloy grade, the H32 temper is hardened and then stabilized to approximately a quarter between 0 and H38 (fully hardened).
  • H34: This type receives a low-temperature treatment that stabilizes the mechanical properties, improving pliability by alleviating internal tension. It is ½ hard alloy grade.

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Learn more about 5005 aluminum sheet metal tempers.


5005 aluminum sheet has numerous benefits, including:

  • High weldability
  • Strong fatigue resistance
  • Superior thermal conductivity
  • Remarkable corrosion resistance
  • Good form from casting and rolling
  • The ability to be bent, spun, drawn and stamped
  • Outstanding use for decorative anodizing


Some disadvantages related to the various aluminum alloy 5005 sheet tempers include the following:

  • Poor machinability means more power is required to cut the aluminum
  • The metal cannot be strengthened by heat treatment — only cold working


Some common industries and 5005 aluminum sheet applications are listed below.

  • Doors, frames, chassis, steering wheels and engine parts in the automotive industry
  • Corrugated sheeting, cladding and roofing in the signage sector
  • Road signs and name plates on buildings
  • Cans and pipes in packaging
  • Food chemical equipment
  • HVAC parts


Machining is possible, but 5005 aluminum’s soft tempers make it more difficult.


5005 aluminum sheet is excellent for welding in various applications. Its low density and good formability make it pliable enough for welding.


This aluminum type anneals at 345 degrees Celcius (653 degrees Fahrenheit) and should be rolled to achieve the necessary temper rather than heat treated.

Aluminum 5005 Sheet Chemical Properties

5005 aluminum’s chemical composition is 97% to 99.5% pure aluminum. Secondary properties include chromium, copper, manganese, iron, magnesium and silicon.

Aluminum Sheet 5005 Mechanical Properties

The mechanical properties of aluminum sheet 5005 include hardness, tensile strength and proof stress.

Tensile strength typically ranges from 145 megapascals (MPa) to 185 MPa, while proof stress is 110 Min MPa. The hardness of aluminum sheet 5005 is generally 47 HB according to the Brinell scale.

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