1100 Aluminum Coil

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1100 Aluminum Coil

Due to its exceptional formability, aluminum 1100 coil is among the most widely used aluminum alloys, especially in the soft O temper. Since this alloy contains over 99% aluminum, manufacturing and fabrication operations refer to it as pure aluminum. Because of its high versatility and machinability, it works well across a vast application range, from decorative items and electronics to food and beverage containers.

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Common Aluminum Coil 1100 Standards

An alloy’s temper refers to the treatment it receives to achieve a desired set of mechanical properties. Several examples of 1100 aluminum coil’s tempers include:

  • H18
  • H14
  • O

Because of their outstanding formability, O and H14 1100 aluminum coil are among the most common industrial aluminum grades. Coil availability and size options range according to temper.

Additional Details About 1100 Coil Aluminum

Discover more about 1100 H14 aluminum coil and other tempers.


Aluminum 1100 coil offers a range of benefits, including:

  • Superior corrosion resistance
  • High conductivity
  • Outstanding formability
  • Excellent machinability and weldability


Aluminum coil 1100 is typically unsuitable for high-strength or high-pressure applications due to its low tensile strength and softness.


Aluminum 1100 coil is suitable for an almost limitless industrial range, specifically for applications that require forming, bending, rolling and stamping. Examples of its many applications include:

  • Foil products
  • Cookware
  • Heat exchangers
  • Wire
  • Signage
  • Electrical conductors
  • Decorative items


The high malleability of 1100 aluminum coil makes it one of the most machineable alloys.

Heat Treatment

1100 aluminum coil is not heat-treatable.


Aluminum coil 1100 demonstrates satisfactory weldability using various welding processes, specifically tungsten inert gas (TIG) welding.

Chemical Properties of 1100 Coil Aluminum

Aside from several minor traces of iron, copper, silicon and manganese, the chemical composition of 1100 aluminum coil is 99% to 99.9% pure aluminum.

Aluminum Coil 1100 Mechanical Properties

Mechanical properties for 100 coil aluminum vary according to temper. Tensile strength ranges from 110 megapascals (MPa) for the harder tempers to 75 MPa for O temper. Hardness can vary from 23 HB to 28 HB on the Brinell scale.

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1100 Aluminum Coil FAQ’s

Get answers to a few common questions we receive about 1100 aluminum coil.

Aluminum coil 1100 is nonmagnetic and has a high capacity for finishing, making it an optimal choice for decorative products.

Because 1100 aluminum is the softest aluminum alloy, it offers the highest bendability and formability.

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