5083 Aluminum Sheet

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5083 Aluminum Sheet

5083 aluminum sheet is widely known across various industries for its superior performance in extreme environments. This alloy exhibits exceptional resistance to seawater and harsh chemicals, making it ideal for automotive, shipbuilding and railway applications. 5083 sheet aluminum has solid overall mechanical properties, including excellent formability and high weldability.

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Common Aluminum 5083 Sheet Metal Standards

Temper refers to an aluminum alloy’s condition after treatment to achieve the desired mechanical properties. We stock several of the most popular tempers of 5083 sheet aluminum, including:

  • O
  • H111
  • H32

Dimensions differ based on the specific temper you choose. Contact our team to determine which size and thickness are best suited for your application’s requirements.

More Details About 5083 H32 Aluminum Sheet and Other Tempers

Learn more about H32 and other 5083 sheet aluminum tempers.


5083 sheet aluminum is one of the best-suited alloys for applications requiring a lightweight solution with high strength and strong corrosion resistance. This alloy works well with most automated and manual welding operations and is easily bendable for most machining applications.


Because of its versatility and high performance, 5083 sheet aluminum costs more than other popular alloys. However, its superior workability and durability quickly pay off over the life of a product. Another disadvantage of 5083 aluminum is that it’s not treatable with heat.


The many benefits of 5083 sheet aluminum make it a popular choice for many manufacturing and fabrication operations, including:

  • Railways
  • Automotive
  • Shipbuilding
  • Ballistics and armor
  • Aerospace
  • Telecommunications
  • Pressure vessels


While fabricators can efficiently cut, bore and drill most 5083 aluminum tempers, the harder grades are sometimes more challenging to machine.


5083 aluminum sheet offers high weld efficiency and excellent joint strength.

Heat Treatment

5083 aluminum is not heat-treatable.

Chemical Properties of 5083 Sheet Aluminum

5083 aluminum sheet alloys possess the following chemical properties:

0.40% 0.40% 0.10% 0.4-1.0% 4.0-4.9% 0.25% 0.15% 0.05-.10%

The remaining composition consists of aluminum.

Aluminum Sheet 5083 Mechanical Properties

For 5083 aluminum sheet with O temper, tensile strength ranges from 275 megapascals (MPa) to 300 MPa. The Brinell hardness is 75 HB. For H32 temper, the tensile strength ranges from 305 MPa to 380 MPa, and the Brinell hardness is 89 HB.

5083 Aluminum Sheet FAQ’s

Get answers to some of the most commonly asked questions surrounding 5083 sheet aluminum.

Yes. 5083 aluminum sheet offers decent formability, making it suitable for bending applications.

Yes. Because of its high tensile strength, excellent corrosion resistance and lighter weight, 5083 aluminum is popular for various automotive components.

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